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Bill Caswell
rally driver


Jacob Dallegro
rallycross driver

“All your shots are great, nice work!”

Liam Doran
rallycross driver

“Great pic of my car with flames having out the back!”

Chris Duplessis
rally driver

“Awesome pic! Thanks!”

Matt Gottlieb
rally driver

“Awesome pictures”

Chris Greenhouse
rally driver

“Damn thats a great pic, Thanx!”

Wyatt Knox
rally driver


Matt LeMasters
rally co-driver

“Your pictures are awesome”

Dave Mirra
rally driver

“Thanks for the great photos”

Ian Oliver
rally driver

“Your Photography is amazing […] I’m extremely appricitaive of the photo you got of my car”

Tim Oliver
rally co-driver

“Always very impressive shots!”

William Petrow
rally driver

“Always amazing pics!!!”

Jason Smith
rally driver

“Always love the shots”

Josh Wimpey
rally driver

“Thanks for the great photos”

Daniel Spalinger
rally driver

“The picture of my truck really captured the true nature of the event (and rallies in general) where most of the action takes place away from the spectators, out in the woods and not in a little gravel, parking lot like area‚ĶReally well done”